Known as a destination spot for miles around, Geneva offers a diverse selection of casual and fine dining. Whether you're looking for american fare near the shopping district in downtown or Latin Fusion off the beaten path, Geneva offers everything in between. Our map above will help you locate some of our favorites while you explore Geneva.


Located along the Fox River, adorned with a forest preserve and several parks, Geneva offers plenty of outdoor activities for the whole family. In addition to the great outdoors, Geneva features many festivals and several other local attractions sure to keep you busy.  We've highlighted some of these in the map above.


Sometimes you just want a lighter atmosphere with a quick "pick me up"' or sweet. Geneva offers several fun options to satisfy your sweet tooth or caffeine craving. The downtown area features several local establishments for your enjoyment and we've added them to our map for you to find more easily. 


You don't have to spend a lot to experience Geneva but the good news is... you have plenty of options. From local artisans to big box stores, Geneva offers several unique shopping experiences both downtown and near major shopping areas. One unique shop has been around for a very long time, seven frequented by local & national celebrities. We've highlighted a few of our favorites local shopping shops with you in the map above.