"The New England roots of the families who settled present day Geneva are evident in the well-preserved homes they built. Some, like the 1844 Sterling home on East Side Drive, are of stone quarried on the banks of the Fox River; others, such as the 1852 Isaac Wilson House, 115 Campbell, are of wood, made possible when a saw mill came in 1838. The Chamber showcases many of Geneva’s historic homes during the annual Christmas Walk.

Big Spring, the 1830s settlement on the banks of the Fox River, was renamed “Geneva” after being designated the Kane County Seat. The 1838 survey of the area between North and South Streets and the west bank of the Fox River to Ninth Street is Original Town; the lots and streets remain exactly as platted.

The extra wide State and Third Streets are evidences of the founders’ vision. State Street, with its well-maintained, multi-faceted business district, and Third Street, with both historic residences converted to unique shops and the recently added Dodson Place, are Geneva’s retail jewels; the many fine restaurants are her crowning glory. Randall Road’s more typical up-scale shopping venues are the bonus for residents and visitors alike..."

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Estimated zip code population in 2013: 29,339
Houses and condos: 10,251
Renter-occupied apartments: 1,554
% of renters here: 16%
% of renters for Illinois: 34%

For Population 25 Years and Over:

High school or higher: 97.1%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 60.7%

Graduate or professional degree: 21.3%
Unemployed: 8.4%
Mean travel time to work (commute): 31.4 minutes

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